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9 days challenge, an awesome system to eliminate obesity and get a flat stomach

We hear about the detox diet. We hear about the regime of fluids. We hear about the water regime. And almost three of them revolve around an axis which is to rest the organs, especially the stomach and pancreas, in a short period of time.

The water regime varies from one method to another. People believe that the water diet involves drinking water for a day, two or three days. And some of them say a week or two of water. There are people who add other liquids such as soups or juices to this water. And some of them add hot herbal drinks to remove obesity from the body. So all of these ways make us wonder, where is the truth in these diets? Do we recommend it or not?

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The Fluid Diet itself has a tempting title, it addresses giving the pancreas and stomach a vacation which is a good thing and highly recommended in all cases whether the person is obese or not. . It is a logical healthy system that gives our organs, especially the stomach and pancreas, a period of rest, whether once a month or once a year. This applies to ourselves when we yearn for a vacation after a period of continuous work. Just as we need these annual vacation, our members also need their annual rest and why not from time to time.

Take the fluid principle step by step as a diet to relax the liver and pancreas, but how many days? Nine days of fluids, which should be determined as follows:

Days 1, 2 & 3:

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Water and herbal drinks only, and if there is a feeling of hunger, yogurt is added. For herbal drinks, you can take green tea, cinnamon, cloves and mix them with turmeric if you want. Coffee is also eligible, but of course all are sugar free.

Days 4, 5 & 6 :

Smoothies, Juice, Vegetable Juice, Vial

We move on to other fluids. Here you can add some types of juice without sugar. The best are lemon with mint, lemon with watercress, green juice or grapefruit juice. These juices are the best at this point, of course with the above, which is water and herbal drinks, and when hungry, yogurt.

Days 7, 8 & 9 :

Soup, Cream Soup, Bowl

We include soup here as well as the above liquids. We have six types of soups: vegetable soup, bone soup, poultry soup, meat soup, mushroom soup, and freekeh soup. Every day a type of soup is added to the above.

Now we have come to the ninth day, we have cleansed the body and we have 100% rest for the first three days, the next three days at 70% rest and the last three days about 30% to 40% rest at stomach and pancreas.

On the ninth day, of course, you will notice that the shape of the body has changed. You will certainly notice that the fat around the waist and the fat around the neck are different. A wonderful thing!

After nine days, you start to gradually introduce healthy foods such as vegetables, healthy poultry, and fish to return to normal eating naturally, taking into account the avoidance of unhealthy eating.

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This fluid diet will allow your body to get rid of obesity, burn fat and cleanse the body, as well as restore the body to function well. And don’t forget that at least 50% of the inflammation in the body will go away, which is a wonderful and amazing number that has been eliminated, especially since inflammation is number one in the pathological structure, which means you are helping in the healing process. So this system is a healing system, fat burning system as long as you follow it rationally, starting with water and ending with soups.

We hope everyone enjoys it, and we wish you the best in health and well-being.

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